A full range of IT Solutions to help companies drive growth.


At AIPC GLOBAL, we cover the whole plethora of IT services namely - Technology Consulting, Bespoke Development, IoT, BIG Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Development, Virtual Reality and Learning Management Systems. Recently, we have witnessed a very strong demand for the below services, especially from Europe.

Security Audits

Information security is a key business issue. The reputation of a business can be significantly impacted by privacy, integrity, availability and safeguarding mechanisms of its information assets. Increasing threats to information due to theft, data loss, inadequate security policies and external attacks have caused severe legal and financial penalties. It has also increased scrutiny by media, regulators and consumers.

To address this challenge, organizations are taking measures to ensure adequate privacy and protection of important information and effective management of information related risks.

Learning Solutions |  Product Simulations

SIMULATION - Design simulation helps manufacturers verify and validate the intended function of a product under development, as well as the manufacturability of the product. The word “simulation” is often used as generic term for computer-aided engineering (CAE). Over the years, several design simulation approaches have become standard components of product development in many industries, and they continue to grow in importance as inexpensive, faster computers and affordable, easy-to-use design simulation software allow users to address new technologies and applications.

TUTORIALS - A tutorial is a method of transferring knowledge and is used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture; a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task. Video tutorials make learning much easier than printed material or online help pages.

Managed IT Solutions | Onsite & Offshore

Have a problem that needs immediate attention? Need an expert team at your premises, at short notice? Find it difficult to mobilize a team locally to handle a pressing problem? No issues, our consultants will work alongside your team at your premises. With Onsite Software Development Services, we provide tactical support to your IT projects.

For longer-term relationships we also offer Extended Software Development Facility (ESDF) and Offshore Project Services.

Onsite development can effectively demonstrate immediate benefits and cost savings to you:

  • Availability of onsite resources

  • Immediate augmentation of project requirements

  • Unparalleled domain expertise


BIG Data Analytics

Big data is now a reality :

The volume, variety and velocity of data coming into your organization continue to reach unprecedented levels. This phenomenal growth means that not only must you understand big data in order to decipher the information that truly counts, but you also must understand the possibilities of big data analytics

Our big data and advanced analytics consulting team helps companies use larger and broader data sets that are both structured and unstructured, to answer complex business problems.

We offer a broad set of services in big data and advanced analytics, including :

Big data strategy -  To understand the company’s business and technology objectives and identify how big data can accelerate these them. This encompasses architecture and adoption strategies as well as defining a roadmap for big data

Architecture strategy -  To help evaluate solution options for a big data ecosystem, including cloud vs. on-premise, technology options, etc.

Advanced analytics strategy -  To help companies accelerate their advanced analytics capabilities, including identifying use cases for advanced analytics, building business case for advanced analytics, etc.Our team of domain / industry experts, advisory consultants, data scientists, and architects bring a comprehensive view of how big data and advanced analytics can help enhance how you use your strategic data assets.


Untether, unlock, unleash – mobility :

The art of the possible

Mobility has been accepted as the most disruptive technology faced by enterprises today. In the past few years, mobile devices have evolved from just providing enterprise email and data on the move, to introducing applications and services that have the potential to change the way companies do business. Mobility can help companies leverage contextual data to reach out to their customers more effectively.

Mobile technologies today have untethered businesses from their fixed location, unlocked immense value, and unleashed solutions to further help businesses. Enterprises are at the cusp of realizing the immense potential of mobility. However, companies encounter challenges in their journey to unlock the opportunities offered by mobile devices.

AIPC works with companies throughout their mobility journey to enable them to maximize the potential of their mobile implementation.

Open Source

Business complexities are growing by the day with demands for richer functionalities increasing on the one hand and enterprise budgets shrinking on the other. There is, thus, need for organizations to seek agile, innovative and cost-effective alternatives such as Open Source technologies.

As demand for Open Source grows exponentially, we help you visualize your journey in this area by providing one-of-its-kind industry-specific frameworks and accelerators. AIPC's Open Source practice focuses on building industry leadership in areas of Application (Middleware, Portal, Security, Content Management, API Management), Data, Web & Mobile Frameworks, IoT/Hardware and Cloud technologies including Open Shift and Open Stack.


We deliver a unique value proposition through dedicated and leveraged go-to market teams.


We have:

  • A dedicated Center of Excellence

  • Open Source Advisory and Consulting Teams

  • Open Source Competency Teams

  • Open Source Partnership and Marketing Teams